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Prenatal massage

Specialist massage to enhance your pregnancy

Allow yourself to be nurtured through your pregnancy journey with massage soothing your aches & pains & relaxing your mind and taking out time for yourself and your baby. Jo is an experienced & qualified prenatal remedial massage therapist who has been practising massage for more than 10 years. Jo also is a reiki practitioner which is a gentle form of energy healing which can be included in the massage.


Pregnancy is a time of great excitement as your baby grows inside the safe space of your womb. Sometimes, though, that growth and the extra weight of the baby, the fluid and the placenta can place extra strain on your body causing physical discomfort. Needless to say, it is crucial that you prioritise self care during this very exciting stage of your life, for your wellbeing and for that wellbeing of your baby.


Pregnancy massage can help:

  • to relieve aches & pains in muscles & joints

  • reduce stress & anxiety

  • improve overall health, wellbeing & mood

  • to facilitate better circulation of blood & lymphatic fluid helping to reduce swelling & numbness

  • you to drop into your body, allowing you to feel more calm & peace

  • you to connect to your body & baby

  • with postural adjustments as you bump & baby grow

  • to reduce fatigue & improve sleep

  • to prepare your body and mind for birth, by opening your hips and reducing stress

What you need to know for the massage: You will need to supply pillows, I will bring the table & sheets, blanket. You will be massaged on your side. Jo is also a HypnoBirthing instructor, aromatherapist, meditation teacher & reiki practioner so may incorporate essential oils as well as elements of meditation, visualisation, affirmations & reiki in the session if you give permission for that.

Jo is a qualified remedial prenatal/postnatal massage therapist and a member of MMA (massage & myotherapy Australia).

Health fund rebates are available EXCEPT for Medibank and HCF. 

60 minutes $125 (10km from Williamstown),

$145 11-20km from Williamstown. For distances over 20km please contact Jo at

90 minutes $165 ((10km from Williamstown), $185 11-20km from Williamstown.

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Birth induction massage

Get ready for birth with an induction massage. Release any fears or worries, learn helpful techniques to bring on birth including birth acupressure points and other techniques and end with a relaxing massage to help open your body and a visualisation in the comfort of your home. PLEASE NOTE that the session is 90 minutes, but the massage is around 60 minutes. If you prefer massage only, please book a 60 or 90 minute prenatal massage session.

Health fund rebates are available except for Medibank and HCF. 

90 minutes $165 (10km from Williamstown),

$185 11-20km from Williamstown. For distances over 20km please contact Jo at

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