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Plan your dream birth
Empower yourself & your partner with knowledge & techniques to make your dream birth real

The next HypnoBirthing class starts March 5th 5.30pm to 8pm until April 2nd 2024. Email Jo at hello@soulmamabirth to book your spot.

What is HypnoBirthing®?


Birth is the most natural thing in a woman’s life. She gets pregnant and around 40 weeks later she gives birth; the baby born in the same way she/he was conceived.  Nothing could be more natural. Yet our society has changed a lot of things about birth and it has become a lot less natural. Many women are afraid of birth; they hear frightening stories from family and friends. Films are filled with frightening scenes. Rather than mothers and midwives, hospitals and doctors are now in control of births. And doctors themselves often don’t encourage natural birth. In many countries the rate of caesarean births have escalated. Of course we are grateful when caesarean births saves lives or provide a safer option for mothers and babies who would otherwise be in danger because of various complications. However, many people have started to believe that major abdominal surgery is safer or more optimal for whatever reason than natural birth.

What can I learn in HypnoBirthing classes? 

Birth is natural, birth is empowering, every woman knows instinctively how to birth and every baby knows how to be born. HypnoBirthing® is a system of techniques and knowledge to help empower women to take birth back and to believe in their innate ability to birth. It aims to dehypnotise us from the fear surrounding birth and the idea that birth is painful and scary. It also enables us to have a calm and comfortable birth and a healthier and more joyful pregnancy. It allows us to bypass the fear-tension-pain syndrome which most women encounter during birth.


How can HypnoBirthing help my birth?

Despite all the progress we have made in the modern society, we have become disconnected from our own bodies.

We are afraid of birth because of all the stories we have heard and films we have watched, we are afraid of what is happening in our own body because we don’t understand what is happening. We then experience tension as a result of this fear. The tension fights against our natural bodily processes, preventing them from working as they should or causing pain which again ends as yet another scary birth story. The HypnoBirthing® program aims to work with fears in order to bypass this syndrome. When we are not focussed on fear, we can listen to and connect with our body, and this allows us to open up our bodies to birthing and have a more comfortable, calm and safe birth. It is a matter of trust and belief in our bodies.

HypnoBirthing® is simple. It’s a return to what birthing really is. It puts us back into contact with our body and puts our trust back into birth. Once we trust our bodies and are properly and deeply relaxed, we can have the calm and comfortable birth we have been dreaming of.

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