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Postnatal massage

Specialist massage to enhance your postpartum experience

In some parts of the world, it is a normal practise to 'mother the mother' for up to 40 days. A new mama really needs to be supported, cared for and nurtured so that she can then mother her gorgeous new baby in the best way.

However, as a new mum it is not unusual to feel tired, with mood swings and disconnected from your body. There may be mixed feelings due to the birth, or even just achiness and tiredness from the birth or even from the demands from your baby and just trying to adjust to your new life and even the changes in your body, hormonal and physical. This is where postnatal massage can be a beautiful and even necessary addition to your postpartum routine. It is important that you be in your space with your baby, so Jo brings mobile postpartum massage to you. Nothing for you to do except make arrangements (if possible) for someone else to care for the baby so you can have some self care time and gather some pillows. What can be easier than that? We can also have baby nearby and even on the table with you, if your baby needs to feed at anytime during the massage.

Jo is a qualified remedial prenatal/postnatal massage therapist and a member of MMA (massage & myotherapy Australia). Jo also is a HypnoBirthing instructor, aromatherapist, meditation teacher & reiki practioner so may incorporate essential oils as well as elements of meditation, visualisation, affirmations & reiki in the session if you give permission for that.

The benefits of postnatal massage

Postnatal/postpartum massage can help

  • reduce post birth aches & pains

  • reduce breastfeeding related aches & pains in the shoulders & neck

  • improve posture & open up the chest

  • increase relaxation

  • reduce fatigue & stress & depression

  • your body return to its normal state?

  • facilitate better circulation of blood & lymphatic fluid, lessening swelling

  • recovery of the uterus

Health fund rebates are available EXCEPT for Medibank and HCF. 

60 minutes $125 (10km from Williamstown),

$145 11-20km from Williamstown. For distances over 20km please contact Jo at

90 minutes $165 (10km from Williamstown),

$185 11-20km from Williamstown.

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